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Samba wrote that you can ask your dealer for a "Vehicle Information Plus Summary Report." Based on your VIN, it shows every option your particular car was supposed to come with, right down to the cargo net. If it's in this report, your dealer is entitled to provide you with it.

PT Cruiser models and toys

Chrysler PT Cruiser Color Shop Model Kit 1/24 scale May Cheong Products $10 ages 8 and up
Chrysler PT Cruiser Model Kit 1/24 scale Maisto $10 not given
Chrysler/Plymouth Pronto Spyder 1:24 scale Maisto $10 ages 10 and up
Chrysler Pronto Cruiser 1/18 Maisto $14 10 and up

Louder horns / dual horns

tmcalavy wrote: “Horn was kinda wimpy on the wife's 2003 PT Cruiser. Stopped at Napa and bought a simple, loud trumpet horn replacement horn. Jack up the passenger front wheel of your Cruiser, pull the tire/wheel and set aside, remove the finder skirt screws, fold the skirt in toward the axle, past the disk brake pads/caliper, unbolt the stock horn and replace it with the new louder replacement horn...OR, hook up the old and the new replacement horn as a pair. Reinstall the skirt screws, tire/wheel. Now you have a freeway blaster that will make geezers and pets soil when cost $15, total time 45 minutes, refreshing beverages and loud music careful out there but BE HEARD!” ... He noted that on his 2003, the wiring connections for a second horn were already there.

Interior pieces

There are lots and lots and lots of vendors selling interior parts for the PT, and we can't say we've tested too many of them yet, but be careful - most interior trim pieces turn out to be appliques that attach via double-sided 3M tape. While these can be long-lasting, Heaven help you if you make a mistake, and sometimes the overall appearance isn't what one would get from a simple replacement bezel. Pricing still seems rather high.

Underseat drawer

Mopar replacement (or new) underseat drawers apparently list at good dealers for about $40. They are said to be no better than the aftermarket drawers below. Try looking here for a factory version if you want one.

DJ suggested the Handibin at Walgreen's, number 2002706805, two for $4. M. Moss wrote that WalMart has a white plastic box in the kitchen plastics section, with a metal handle, 8.5 X 7 X 14". It the handle is popped off, the tray fits on the slides underneath the passenger seat. Patricia Burt wrote that, without the handle, it fits "absolutely perfectly in the passenger under-seat space. It slides in on the existing rails and uses the built-in drawer stop to keep it from sliding back out."


Alliance Technology, an OEM steering wheel maker, has a series of PT Cruiser steering wheels which match the exterior body color/interior dash color.

Woodie and flame kits

James Performance sells a "woodie kit" which turns your PT Cruiser into - that's right - an ersatz woodie! Add years to the age of your car. Phone: (612) 576-9600

Elizabeth Gant wrote: "I found great flames at Universal Products - I have had a lot of people think they are custom paint. They have several styles and colors too." Since Chrysler is about to sell flame kits, we suspect they will be available through dealers, complete with a warranty of some sort.

Matching bumpers

Stu in GA wrote that a couple of Cruiser owners have painted the bumpers to match. "Your options are: Take the car in to a decent paint and body shop, and have them mix up the factory color. The painter [should] use the required flexing agents necessary to let the paint stick to the soft plastic. Your option will be whether or not the paint shop sands the bumpers smooth before they paint them, or leave the textured grain alone....

"Removing the "bumpers" is not easy. The things that look like bumpers are just molded parts of the front and rear fascia... The fascia can be removed, but figure on ten skinned knuckles, a wasted day, and garage air turned blue from cursing. Best to leave 'em on for painting.

"Or, there are some companies making chrome appliques that you can stick on OVER the stock bumpers.... [note: these are at] "I kind of like the grey bumpers on my silver car... they stand up to stone chips far better than the rest of the car's painted surfaces." 

Chrysler bumper covers, stock from the factory and unpainted, are about $150.

Other stuff

Mopar Performance sells ventivisors, those things that let you open your window a crack without getting rain into the car. They also sell rear step pads to prevent scratching and scuffing of the rear bumper fascia while loading and unloading items. Not sure why this isn't standard! - and, of course, splash guard. Home Page

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