PT Cruiser concept cars

At least some of the concept cars we've seen will become real production models. Design chief Trevor Creed and other Chrysler executives have said that they will build limited edition PT derivatives, but that they will not reach production until around 2003-04. Creed said he wanted to ensure that there was always strong demand for the PT Cruiser and its siblings, and that one way to do that was to build specialty versions. James Schroer, head of marketing, said they would try to build them as limited editions to keep demand up.

Click here for in-depth information on the confirmed-for-production PT Cruiser Turbo.

Current plans call for the GT Cruiser (turbocharged), convertible, and possibly a pickup version later.

The PT Cruiser Convertible

First shown at the 2001 New York Auto Show, the PT Cruiser convertible is more than simply a Cruiser with the roof shorn off and replaced by nylon. The convertible top is fully functional, and taken from a Sebring. A special windshield was created (one inch shorter than standard), and the entire car was dropped by one and a half inches. Body-colored bumpers and a chromed-accented grille were included to reinforce its customized look. Nineteen inch wheels and two custom-made doors (down from the usual four) complete the effect. Inside, a cueball knob is attached to the automatic transmission shifter, and a special color scheme is used for the seats.

The convertible was produced.

The first of the following photos is "official" and reflects Chrysler's current plans for the PT Cruiser convertible; the rest are for your interest only.

Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible - 2001 New York Auto Show
Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible - view from above

The GT Cruiser 2000 Concept Car

The Chrysler GT Cruiser concept vehicle has a more muscular look which accents its 205 hp, 225 lb.-ft. turbocharged engine - an engine which can actually perform the way the PT Cruiser looks.

turbocharged GT Cruiser

The main engineering issues are the space and heat required by a turbocharger. Others have created aftermarket kits that fit under the hood, but Chrysler needs to ensure that any system sold through their dealers will last as long as owners expect - well over 100,000 miles - without major repairs, peeling hoods, etc., that enthusiasts might be willing to endure. We are not sure why they are not considering superchargers, which would make the heat issue irrelevant.

GT Cruiser front

Kenneth Carlson, the designer responsible for the GT Cruiser, said: "Lowering the vehicle by one inch and widening the track by two inches resulted in its athletic stance. Removing the badges from the hood and deck and integrating the bumpers in the facias give the vehicle a clean front and rear appearance. In addition, the badges are incorporated in the grille and rear license plate brow, in effect minimizing the number of design elements."

Flares on the fenders make space for bigger wheels.

The 2.4-liter turbocharged engine is coupled to a five-speed manual transaxle. The lowered suspension uses KONI struts and upgraded sway bars. The vehicle rolls on 17" chrome wheels with 215/45 tires.

The GT Cruiser's 2.4 liter turbo engine is detailed along with lots of other information and pictures of the new turbocharged 148-mph Dodge Neon SRT-4. In short, the engine produces 205 horsepower and 220 lb-ft of torque, with a relatively flat torque curve (so it doesn't wait until you're at 6000 rpm to get moving). It was produced.

The Chrysler PT Cruiser Panel Van - 2000 Concept Car

The PT Cruiser Panel Van is essentially a PT Cruiser with its rear doors and windows replaced with panels, and a wood floor. At 168.8 inches (4288.5mm), the length of the design study is equal to the size of a small car, providing nimble city handling and easy parking, while the interior volume of 119.8 cubic feet (3.39 cu. meters) rivals that of a full-size sedan.

PT Cruiser panel van PT Cruiser panel van, rear view

The exterior is also a variation of the PT Cruiser; almost identical to the GT Cruiser show car. Indeed, it is a modified GT Cruiser, complete with lowered suspension, Konis, and turbocharged engine (with lower torque - 200 lb-ft), rather than a modified Cruiser.

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